Does laminate flooring scratch easily? - Not at all

Laminate flooring is the most budget-friendly flooring option, but at the same time doesn’t compromise on the quality. Given its affordable price, many people wonder how durable laminate flooring is and some of them are surprised by its incredible resistance. In fact, laminate flooring is better than hardwood in many ways:

  • Lower price and much fewer costs with installation
  • Easier to clean
  • Better stain and fade resistance
  • Very good impact resistance

Furthermore, a lot of attention is given to whether or not does laminate flooring scratch easily. Experts agree that the scratch resistance of laminate is excellent and trumps the scratch resistance of other flooring options. When it comes to scratches, laminate flooring is better than hardwood and will remain to look like brand new even years after installation.


Is laminate flooring more durable than hardwood? - Pros and cons

There are various factors to consider when choosing between laminate and hardwood. Both of the flooring options will have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to carefully consider what the best match for your personal needs is. As seen above, laminate flooring is less easy to scratch than hardwood, while hardwood has a more classic visual appearance. Some high-quality laminate flooring is more durable than hardwood, but you will need to be more careful when selecting it. Low-quality laminate won’t last as long as hardwood. When it comes to how durable laminate flooring is, the answer depends on which brand you choose.

Does laminate flooring scratch easily

Floor Experts and their most durable laminate wood flooring

It is of vital importance to choose only the most durable laminate wood flooring. Low-quality laminate is more prone to damage and tends to have a less appealing appearance. If you’re seeking for a provider of high-quality laminate at very affordable prices, then Floor Experts is the place to go. The Slovenian-based company cooperates with the leading suppliers of laminate from all over the world and also offers flooring installations, as well as professional advice on which flooring option is best for you. They offer a wide selection of different types of laminate, frequent discount offers and a plethora of another flooring, such a parquet, veneer, cork, vinyl PVC and more.


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