Laminate flooring tiles – bathroom flooring alternatives


Laminate flooring tiles for bathroom – yes or no? Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, you always come across the difficult decision of choosing flooring for your bathroom. Tiles can get quite expensive, and not to mention the messy installation! Also, flooring tiles are quite hard to clean. Is there a better alternative?




Can you install laminate flooring in a bathroom?

The first question, when you think of alternatives for bathroom flooring, is can you install laminate flooring in a bathroom? Believe it or not, laminate flooring in bathrooms is not that uncommon anymore. If you’re looking for a budget friendly, simple to install and extremely durable alternative to ceramic, you should look at laminate floor tiles. Bathroom is a room with a lot of foot traffic, so flooring has to be durable and also comfortable. Ceramic tiles are not comfortable – they’re cold and hard, they crack easily and the grout is a pain to clean. Click-lock floors, such as laminate flooring or vinyl are warmer, impact-resistant and easy to clean! That is why you should ditch the tiles and put laminate flooring in. Bathroom is, after all, the place where you start and finish your day. Make it as comfortable as you can!

Laminate floor tiles bathroom

Vinyl or laminate flooring for bathrooms?

Using either vinyl or laminate flooring in bathroom is a great way to create a unique and modern look. You can either go for a hardwood flooring look or a classic tile look – both choices offer a bundle of different patterns and colours. Some homeowners might be afraid of flooding and prefer to choose vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring for bathrooms, however, has a more realistic wood look since it is, as opposed to vinyl, which is 100 % plastic, made of 90 % real wood. So it is very much like having real hardwood floors in your bathroom. Even though vinyl is flood resistant and laminate is not, laminate bathroom flooring is moisture resistant – so the regular amount of water on the floor and overall humidity is not an issue. The pricing is comparable, but the laminate offers a better look and greater comfort than vinyl.


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Overall, the choice whether to put vinyl or laminate flooring in bathroom is dependent on your general needs and how you intend to take care of your floor. Both choices are a great alternative to the classic ceramic tile



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