Caring for parquet wood flooring – a step by step guide

Caring for parquet wood flooring is extremely important, since the right maintenance can drastically expand the lifetime of your floors and save you time and money that you would spend on refinishing parquet floors.


Cleanliness is next to godliness

The most important thing is that you keep your floors clean. Parquet floors are 100 % wood and wood as a natural material needs special maintenance. Dirt and debris that gets pushed around by walking can cause the finish to wear off and even cause scratches and scrapes. It is extremely important that you commit to regular cleaning. Parquet flooring is pretty easy to maintain in tip top shape, so you shouldn’t have a problem doing it on a regular basis.




Cleaning parquet flooring – the right and the wrong way

If you want to avoid parquet flooring restoration, you should definitely clean parquet floors regularly. The secret to keeping a clean parquet floor is not in the use of expensive cleaning agents, but rather in regular and gentle care. Actually, we recommend caring for parquet wood flooring only with the products advised or produced by the manufacturer, since aggressive agents can cause damage on the floor itself and the finish. A clean parquet floor requires only a broom or vacuum cleaner (with a setting for hard surfaces), a mop and specialised parquet cleaner.


How to clean parquet floor tiles

Cleaning parquet flooring is actually quite simple:

  • sweep or vacuum (use the hardwood floor nozzle) once a day or at least every couple of days,
  • once a week or every two weeks, use a damp (not wet!) mop to mop up any dirt and clean spots and stains,
  • every once in a while, use a manufacturer recommended parquet cleaner for deep cleaning, to get rid of persistent stains and bacteria.

Caring for parquet wood flooring

When it comes to parquet floors, remember that wood and moisture don’t mix well, so use as little water as possible and drain your mop thoroughly before cleaning parquet flooring. Don’t use ammonia or aggressive chemicals, as it may damage the wood. Only use non aggressive, manufacturer approved cleaning products.

Now that we’ve provided you with the know-how to clean parquet floor tiles, it’s up to you to keep your floors spick-and-span!


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