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Portable living containers are becoming more and more popular nowadays, offering differently sized rooms for different purposes at a reasonable price. Container buildings are suitable as for living, business or special purposes like a shop, sanitary room or a garage.

Container buildings made by REM (Trebnje, Slovenia) are of high quality and durability, known as one of the best in Europe. Our container buildings are made of high quality materials according to ISO standard 9001. You can choose between different types of portable living containers, which differ in sizes. They can be used either as living containers, portable living containers or portable office buildings, mobile homes, garage or any other utility. Our container buildings can be either bought or hired. We can also make a special container building for you according to your plans and needs.

Business container buildings

We offer different sizes of business container buildings. There are no sanitary installations made, yet we can install equipment on your demand. Also additions of extra walls are possible. The design of the living container can be alternated. You can choose the color of the portable living container, the size of it, the type of inner and outer walls, windows and doors of the container building and the path of electrical installations. Additions of air condition, heating system, cooling system or ventilating system are possible in our container buildings.

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Sanitary container buildings

Alternative living containers are sanitary container buildings, which contain sanitary installations and elements, as well as electricity installation. REM sanitary container buildings are manufactured according to ISO standards and gained CE certificate. Inner wall additions are possible. Also these portable living containers offer design modifications like wall color, windows and doors and so on. REM sanitary container buildings can be added with air condition or heating system as well.

Modular objects

REM is also manufacturing modular objects made of portable living containers. These living containers are often used as schools, nursery homes, offices, alternative living containers, hotels, and shops and similar.

Portable living containers

REM offers also portable living containers as portable houses, containing all the machines needed for a cozy living. A portable living container can be manufactured according to our offered lines: Basic and Exclusive. They differ by the additions of installations and wall isolation thickness. The design of our portable living containers can be modified with different plans, furniture, the thickness of the isolation, type of outer walls and additional equipment.




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