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Lately, miniature homes in the shape of shipping container houses is gaining high popularity due to certain TV series and DIY project ideas and pictures on the web. Shipping container homes provide you with all you need with a tiny house plan. The minimalism is spreading over the world more and more and shipping containers are constructed for simple homes, offices, studios, guest houses and more. The cost of shipping container houses is much lower than building a real house, moreover is more modern and environmentally friendly. Wooden and cement industry are high environment polluting sectors, while containers are eco-friendly when being re-used and not melted down.

Excellent durability guaranteed

The re-usage of shipping containers for such a great purpose, as it is to build a home, makes shipping container homes greener than wooden houses. Shipping container houses are made of steel. There is no fear of mold, dry-rot and moisture like in wooden houses. Shipping container houses are tiny and their plan is small, as they reunite fewer parts and pieces than regular houses, resulting in fewer complications and repairs in the future. REM shipping container homes are made according to ISO standards, yet they offer high quality shipping container houses at a low cost. A lot of architects recommend buying shipping container houses due to their high durability. They are earthquake-proof, hurricane-proof and flood-proof.

Used or newly designed shipping container houses

Shipping container house cost RemThe main reason why people adore tiny shipping container houses is their low price. Empty shipping containers are waiting unused at the ports every day. The price of returning them back to the original port is too high for the transporter, which is why re-using them for housing brings life back to them. Buying used shipping containers will result in additional cost for shipping the containers from the ports. For more demanding customers, also specially designed and constructed shipping container houses are available. They can be constructed according to customer’s wishes and plans with special glass additions, stacked one on another or one beside another, making a special architectural home. Things that the customer needs to take care of before the shipment of the ordered shipping container house are: the land and further water and electricity installations, sewage, heating and cooling system.

The speed of construction is another advantage shipping container houses provide. It usually takes only 2-3 weeks when building a house out of shipping containers. Most structures can be assembled in one day, which is one of the best advantages of prefabricated shipping container houses. They can be constructed off-site and then delivered to your land.



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