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A hotel gallery exhibit containing the pieces produced by artists as part of the hotel’s painting workshop. Bring your art class for adults and admire the works.
Local organic farms in Slovenia produce healthy and nutritious food, which you can taste with every bite you take. Visit Hotel Kristal for a taste of local cuisine made from the freshest local produce.
If you've ever wanted to spend your yoga vacation doing your favorite activity amidst almost untouched nature, visit Hotel Kristal, our highly trained instructors will help guide you toward inner peace.
Lake Bohinj Church of St John the Baptist gives you a glimpse into the architecture of the 1300s. Spend your lake holidays exploring Lake Bohinj’s surroundings. 
If you want to relax in beautiful nature and enjoy everything Lake Bohinj has to offer, visit us at Hotel Kristal.
If you're looking for a ski holiday accommodation in Slovenia, you've come to the right place. Hotel Kristal offers lodging in the vicinity of many great skiing spots in Slovenia, as well as the beautiful Lake Bohinj.
Visit Hotel Kristal for your family vacation in Slovenia. We provide adults as well as children with fantastic accommodations, and with our convenient location near Lake Bohinj, you will have more than enough acitivities available to make your vacation a truly memorable one.
Searching for a hotel that is suitable for your whole family? Look no further. Hotel Kristal near lake Bohinj will give you an unforgettable experience.
Fly fishing is a great activity especially if your accommodation is in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia.
Hiking in the Slovenian Alps is possible no matter how old or experienced you are. It can be an excellent introduction to hiking in the Alps.
Lake Bohinj hotels and bed and breakfasts in Slovenia will provide you accommodation in Slovenia. Make your vacation in Slovenia a dream come true. 
Cheap accommodation in Slovenian Alps. Have the best experience when visiting the jewel of Slovenia.
Hotels in Slovenia are many, none offer such a wonderful location to spend your holidays in Slovenia in. The proximity to the only national park in Slovenia is a bonus.
Hotel Kristal has experiences in ayurvedic wellness spas and treatment programs. Come and have a great experience on the sunny side of the Alps.
Slovenia offers accommodation for any type of holiday. In Slovenia you can find cheap dorms for single backpackers, or can book a luxury suite for your whole family.
Our painting workshops at lake Bohinj, Slovenia, are known for their wonderful atmosphere. The hotel gallery regularly organizes unforgettable oil painting workshops.
If you're planning a vacaion in Slovenia and are still looking for accommodation, Hotel Kristal is a prime choice. Whether you're traveling alone, with your partner or the entire family, this Slovenian hotel has got you covered.
Slovenian hotels are one of the options for accommodation in Slovenia. No matter which Slovenian hotel you’re in, you will have no trouble reaching popular sites.
If you are in need of inner peace or if you just want to relax and escape everyday stress, visit Hotel Kristal near lake Bohinj. Their hotel yoga programme will help you both emotionally and physically. 
One of the best options when booking accommodation in Bohinj (specifically near Lake Bohinj itself), is definitely Hotel Kristal. With its excellent location as well as a wide range of services they offer make for a great holiday.