Cellulite occurs because of hormonal and many other reasons

Cellulite is a common skin condition which is visible as lumpy or dimpled skin on various parts of body such as buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen. It occurs when layer of fat pushes into connective tissue and swells. Tissue metabolism is reduced because of poor blood circulation. Almost 90 percent of women are affected by cellulite during their life. Main reasons for development of cellulite are hormonal changes, prolonged sitting, stress, unhealthy diet and other diseases linked with body fluid stagnation. Even though cellulite mostly affects overweight women, it can also affect women with average weight.

New ingenious Endospheres Teraphy is very effective in eliminating cellulite

New Microvibration Compressive Endospheres Teraphy is a revolutionary non-invasive method for body and face transformation, which offers remarkable results with just few treatments. It improves blood circulation, smooths and brakes fat tissue, stimulates lymphatic system and cell metabolism. Endospheres Teraphy is performed with computer guided machine, which operates on low frequency mechanical vibrations. 355 Hz power of the machine performs deep action on tissue. It drastically reduces fat layers on thighs, significantly improves orange-peel look of the skin and eliminates excess tissue liquid which immediately gives lighter feeling of legs. It eases the pain with pulsating action which desensitizes pain receptors. Drastic reduction of pain is a result of improved metabolism and decreased content of toxic substances in body. Rotation movement of Endospheres Teraphy machine works as a pump which separates cellulite tissue from excess cell fluid which is gathered in subcutis. Pump works as a drainage for lymphatic glands and causes skin to quickly get oxygen which leads to volume reduction.  Teraphy also has an effect on microcirculation because it causes contraction and expansion of blood vessels. Result is improvement of blood circulation. Vibrating stimulation of Endospheres Teraphy works on nerve cells and enables better muscle tone.

Endospheres Teraphy is also used for anti-aging skin procedures on face and neck

AkFace Microvibration Compressive Endospheres Teraphy is non-invasive anti-aging procedure for facial skin and muscles, neck and decollete, which stimulates and improves natural regeneration of elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen are regenerated with a help of 60 rotating silicone balls that stimulate fibroblasts which are responsible for production of elastin and collagen. Because of better blood circulation in skin tissue, level of oxygen and nutrients increase and stimulate rejuvenation process. Wrinkles are reduced by stimulating muscle receptors which loosen the fibres. Muscle tone is improved by increased muscle tissue thickness and enhanced facial muscle structure.