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Browse through our wide selection of hygiene stations by Nieros. For more information visit our website.
Take care of your storage with our modern and high quality warehouse storage system. Nieros offers quality management storage systems.
Sterilizing utensils is crusial part if your company wants to comply with all the hygiene standards. Tools for sterilizing knifes are best for industrial use. The same goes for axe and saw sterilizers.
Browse through our large selection of industrial washer machines. For more info visit our website.
Poultry processing ends with cleaning phase. Regarding poultry, our washing equipment is specialized for live poultry boxes.
Choose tunnel washing machines from the best slovenian washing machine suppliers. Visit our website.
Stainless steel wash hand basins are a must in every production. While the most used ones are industrial hand wash basins, you can also opt for small wash hand basins.
Often overseen part of each production are storage facilities. Storage racks in storage facilities should offer best shelving opportunities. Automated storages improved a lot in the recent years.
Hygiene stations are essential parts of each production factory. Hand hygiene stations are a solution for an easy way to meet highest hygiene standards.
Looking for hand hygiene stations? Visit our website and find more on how to monitor hand hygiene.
On all information or equipment needed for shredding recycling or granulator recycling visit TRO d.o.o website!
Hygiene stations for production lines - hand wash and boot wash stations for optimal personnel hygiene. Hygiene station stands are appropriate for limited spaces.
How to wash aprons? Contact us and find out more about washing up aprons and uniforms with our products.
Automatic hand wash stations and boot wash stations by Nieros Metal, d.o.o. Visit our website.
Hand hygiene is important. Disinfect your hands with hand disinfactant dispenser by Nieros Metal, d.o.o.
Looking for industrial washers and dryers? Browse through our wide selection on industrial wash stations.
Boot and glove dryers by Nieros Metal. For more information about electric boot dryers visit our website.
Low cost of high quality industrial washine machine - now on sale. Keep your hihg hygiene standards with our industrial washing machine.
Large or small hand wash basins by Nieros Metal, d.o.o. Visit our website for more stainless steel hand wash basins.
Nieros offers all kinds of washing and cleaning equipment for industrial purposes. Our cleaning equipment is of highest quality.