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Automatic cutting machine for bread

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Domina machine for bread cutting is an automatic bread cutting machine. Our cutting machines are used in restaurants, hotels, school kitchens and bakeries. They are a product of our company and meet all safety requirements.

Bread cutting machine - different types of slicing machines

Our Domina machines are adjustable to cut bread in three different widths:

  • 9 mm
  • 11 mm
  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm

We also offer an option of choosing a cutting machine that supports two adjustable widths for cutting bread:

  • 11 and 22 mm
  • 15 and 30 mm

Semi-automatic or automatic cutting machine for slicing bread

Cutting machine for bread slicing can be automatic or a semi-automatic. To start the automatic bread cutting machine all you have to do is insert a loaf of bread in the compartment and push the button. The machine will slice the bread by itself. With semi-automatic machines you must insert the loaf in the compartment and press the lever to move the loaf through the blades. Semi-automatic cutting machines have an adjustable slicing height that reaches up to 165mm and an extended slicing width.

Cutting machine with beltCutting machines with belt

The automatic cutting machine with a conveyor belt is designed for bread slicing and packing at the same time. This kind of bread cutting machine is very time saving and everything can be done with only one operator by the machine. Domina cutting machines are easy to clean and maintain. Spare parts for all different kinds of our machines are guaranteed.

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