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Hand scraped solid oak flooring is, as the name would suggest, flooring made from massive oak wood, which has been hand scraped to give it a more traditional, already scuffed look, which is always a hit among buyers.
Caring for parquet flooring is instrumental for ensuring the flooring's long lifespan. Learn how to clean parquet floor effectively with tips from Floor Experts. If you want to avoid parquet flooring restoration, you should definitely clean parquet floors regularly.
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Laminate flooring, with its wide range of colors and textures as well as many great properties, can actually be laid into bathrooms as well. If you want to avoid classical ceramic flooring tiles, laminate is a realistic alternative.
Wooden parquet flooring made for the most demanding clients - a wide range of hardwood flooring options only at Floor Experts!  
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If you've decided to install wood parquet flooring in your home or are still deliberating whether that would be a good choice for you, you will certainly want to know about your options when cleaning parquet flooringHow to clean parquet
If you're looking for beautiful flooring that is affordable as well as easy to install, you cannot go wrong by choosing laminate flooring. 
When choosing between using parquet or laminate for your floor, it is good to know what pros and cons each of them have and whether they will even fit your way of life.
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