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Best charcoal oven bbq and grill - professional cooking experience

Best charcoal oven bbq and grill
that has been redefining cooking all across the world! Meet Kopa, a true all-rounder that can be used both as outdoor or indoor charcoal bqq grill. Suitable to be used as a top-grade restaurant charcoal oven or for catering and even home users. This impressive bbq grill charcoal and oven will guarantee:

  • LESS TIME spent on cooking and warming up
  • LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION and lower charcoal consumption
  • No special installation required
  • SAVE on operating costs
  • Distinct texture, tempting aroma and excellent taste
  • Very SIMPLE Use with just two regulation hatches


All this makes it the very best charcoal bbq and grill on the market!

best charcoal bbq grillSeveral models of Kopa charcoal oven bbq and grill

What's more, Kopa is offered in 3 different dimensions, making sure that everyone can find their own best charcoal bbq and grill. Increasing number of restaurants have trusted this bbq grill charcoal oven because of its ability to offer delicious grilled food that completely stands out from the crowd! Kopa is used in top-class restaurants and by caterers all across the world, proving that this is one of the best charcoal bbq grills not just in Europe, but all over the globe! The bbq charcoal grill grates are made from carefully sourced, high-quality materials with the highest resistant to heat and other extreme conditions. Once you've tried Kopa, you can totally rediscover the world of cooking and definitely become hooked for life!

Best charcoal oven bbq and grill for perfect versatility

What makes Kopa stand out form the crowd is the fact that it can be used both as an outdoor and indoor charcoal oven bbq grill. Whether you are a restaurant owner, caterer or home user, this kitchen equipment can fit in perfectly into your environment! Feel free to choose between different colours and dimensions to get your own very best charcoal bbq grill of your dreams! Check out our website for more information:

charcoal bbq and grill