The best in charcoal broiler bbq’s, is what we envisioned creating the new Kopa charcoal broiler grill ovens.

charcoal broiler bbqMade with the best possible materials, a highly rigid professional indoor charcoal grill is the outcome of what makes us proud. Years of development went into our Kopa ovens to create the best indoor charcoal grills for the professional user. The isolation for heat retention is carefully designed in our grill, so that the temperature will stay constant in the charcoal broiler. A big part of the design is the material choice and mass of the charcoal broiler bbq grill, more mass means more heat retention and an evenly spread temperature surrounding the food. With a starting weight of 250KG, Kopa barbeque grill ovens are sure to deliver. With minimal airflow at a relatively high temperature within the charcoal broiler bbq grill, the food will be prepared quick while retaining their own juices. Kopa barbecue grill ovens cook a dish fast, while tender and full of flavor. Serving your guests with food from a real charcoal broiler grill brings just one consequence; they will never want to leave.


The best charcoal broiler grills for professional chefs, fast and rich in taste and tenderness.

indoor charcoal bbq grillLooking for the best professional indoor charcoal broiler grill? Take a look at our new range of charcoal broiler BBQs. Kopa ovens are not just barbecue grills, but the best professional indoor charcoal grill ovens available on the market. With the best indoor charcoal grill in our assortment, we at Kopa are proud to serve professional kitchens the five star treatment they deserve. After years of development we can proudly state that we’ve created the most efficient and good looking professional indoor charcoal grill ever. Our best equipment ever in the form the Kopa charcoal broiler BBQ, now available at your nearest dealer. Whenever guests are served a signature dish form a professional Kopa charcoal broiler grill, they won’t mind traveling the extra mile for tasting that amazing dish again.