Why compare charcoal grill vs. oven?

There is no need to compare charcoal grill vs. oven, since Kopa is the perfect combination of pizza oven and charcoal grill. Our charcoal grills with pizza oven are the end result of a highly technological process, combining economical use of energy and elegant design.

Charcoal grill vs. oven Who tends to decide between charcoal grill vs. oven?

Restaurant owners will enjoy quick returns on the investments and high quality production of food. When comparing charcoal grill vs. oven, Kopa`s charcoal grill with pizza oven  has low running costs and is independent from gas and electric supply. All the models charcoal oven grill can be used as charcoal grills with pizza oven. The restaurant owners will also benefit from low installation costs and quality design of the charcoal grill pizza owen. Chefs decide for  Kopa because of quick, simple and reliable use, when comparing charcoal grill vs. oven. The charcoal grill microwave oven produces low heat and better working conditions in the kitchen. After lunch, the pizza oven and charcoal grill can be put on standby and relit for dinner. In comparison charcoal grill vs. oven, you can not do that with only charcoal oven grill.



Atributes of Kopa`s charcoal grills with pizza oven

charcoal grill with pizza ovenWhen comparing charcoal grill vs. oven, Kopa`s pizza oven and charcoal grill save on energy and operating costs. Using the charcoal grill pizza owen  saves you at least 30% of time. Kopa combined pizza oven and charcoal grill, making it easy to prepare many different dishes, helping you quickly cook meat, fish and vegetables inside your charcoal oven. In comparison charcoal grill vs. oven, the pizza oven and charcoal grill is characterised by the steady radiation in the charcoal oven grill, since the interior distributes the heat quickly. Charcoal grills with pizza oven have specificaly designed doors and built-in insulation that prevents the oven from heating up the room that it is used in.

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