Charcoal ovens can function successfully even in small restaurants

Charcoal ovens were previously associated with large kitchens and unbearably hot spaces due to their typical dimensions and large excess heat they produced. With today`s supply the situation is somewhat different: since coal-fired meals became fashionable, there has been much thought on how to make a charcoal oven which will adequately follow the increasing demand for charcoal ovens in all types of bars and restaurants. One of the major concerns was to how to make charcoal oven temperature stand able in its nearest surrounding. Some quality charcoal oven brands have successfully dealt with the wide heat radius typical for traditional charcoal ovens. However, we didn`t want to limit ourselves - we aimed for improving of the charcoal oven in every sense of the word, so that its parameters can successfully fit the needs of all types of facilities - from small dinning shops to full-capacity restaurants.


We`ve mastered how to make a charcoal oven for open kitchens

Charcoal ovens are definitely not considered to be easiest to handle. Their running temperatures, which range from 250 to 350°C, call for some degree of culinary expertise. Except for possibility to get burned while opening the hood, conventional charcoal ovens can produce sparks flowing out of the warming cabinet, which is why it is not recommended to stand close to them for a longer period of time. We`ve worked intensively on how to make a charcoal oven which would be appropriate for open kitchens, placed both indoors or in open-air garden terraces. We have designed a specially reinforced charcoal oven hood, which minimizes both sparks flowing out and heating of the outer space. This way it is possible to use charcoal ovens in front of your guests with minimum risk. With separate coal storage under the grill the whole procedure will be safe and fully functional. Our ovens are compact in size and do not require any additional extentions - we simply know how to make a charcoal oven that`s suitable for public use. Check out our website:

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