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Automated conveyor system for transportation of various products

Our company is producing a wide range of automated conveyors systems. Conveyor systems have all kinds of belts and rollers designed for the transportation of different products. Our automated conveyor systems help to solve the problems of handling large numbers of crates, pallets and boxes in different companies. For the handling of empty crates, we recommend the use of an automated logistic conveyor system. We are offering all kinds of conveyors: PVC knuckle belts, polyurethane belts, gravity or driven roller conveyors and many more. Automated systems are made for the transportation of clean and dirty crates from the working station to the washing machine through a storage house and back. In addition we are also producing stackers and turning devices.

powered industrial automated conveyor systems mini flexible conveyor systems for short passages

Automated conveyor roller and belt systems

Automated roller conveyor systems that can have straight or bend sections, are designed for the internal transport of full and empty crates, pallets and boxes. If they have bend sections, they are flexible conveyor systems. They can be easily bend around obstacles. Automated roller conveyors are available as gravity-fed, V-belt driven or powered drum motor driven roller conveyors in different widths. Rollers are made from special impact-resistant plastic or stainless steel. Automated industrial conveyor belt systems are produced in various designs. They are PVC material - knuckle belts, non-skid plastic fabric continuous belts and many more in different widths. We are offering straight or bend sections of industrial conveyor belt systems, inter-level belts, vertical belts and more. Mini conveyor systems are made for transporting items on short distances.

Cutting-up automated conveyor system for meat

Cutting-up automated conveyor system is assembled of pre-cutting table with transfer section for pork-halves or beef-quarters. Cutting-up, approach and sorting tables are set parallel to conveyor belt. Cutting-up belt consists of drive station with motor, intermediate units and guide station with quick tensioning feature. Transfer rollers are at the beginning and at the end of the cutting-belt.


Among conveyor belt systems Nieros is also specialized in industrial washing, various hygiene stationsand bin washing machines.