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Industrial systems solutions based on decades of experience

Nieros industrial systems guarantee smooth and efficient internal industrial processes. We have developed solutions for all major industry branches, which are financially conceivable and as adaptable as possible. Understanding the needs of the industry to be as modular and upgradeable as possible, our industrial systems provide extensive, coordinated and adaptable structures, made of hardened steel. While we’ve designed them with the thought of the demands of the sustenance preparing industry, our industrial systems solutions are ready to be used in other frameworks as well, notably in transport, food processing industry, material handling of gear and warehouses. No matter what the industry branch, we will strive for excellence and always out the client in the centre of our efforts. This approach has gained us the trust of many clients and has kept us ahead of the competition for decades.

Our industrial logistics systems feature innovative solutions

Innovation is a big trademark of the Nieros solutions, which we’ve also used for developing various industrial logistics systems. High quality and energy efficiency, together with skilled knowledge and experience mark our work. This spirit is recognised by our clients in Slovenia and abroad, as proven also by the many certificates and awards held. Nieros has a rich history in industrial design and is at the head of world producers of warehousing and organisation solutions. Our industrial logistics systems incorporate computerized coordination frameworks and lead to time gains and cost efficiency.

industrial logistics systems

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Our logistics and warehousing solutions feature logistics management systems

Nieros has been at the forefront of developing logistics and warehousing framework solutions for decades. Coming from the rich tradition of metal processing industry in Northern Slovenia, this rapidly growing market leader is characterized by reliability, resilience and responsibility. All our logistics management systems are modular, created for addressing particular needs of each and every client. Our deliverables allow for smooth production lines and flowing working processes, thereby optimizing the product and HR procedures in your company. We never compromise on quality, cleanliness demands, exact implementation and execution, ergonomics and working conditions.

Gain time and space with automated logistics systems

Nieros automated logistics systems feature an ergonomic structure for better efficiency. They help optimize the production lines and maximize outputs, while strengthening the advanced check and planning for improving the ratio between time and costs and leading to additional  savings in the industrial system. They help  to mainstream internal production flows and working processes and optimize the use of space. Our thorough intralogistics arrangements fit the needs of your production procedures. Our experts create models, but you can always add your personal criteria to customize the flows, thereby addressing the specific needs of your production lines. Our consultants will be happy to give you a completely personalized service in top of our standard offer. We understand the needs of your business and the demands of your sector, no matter where your activity lies. Our task is to ensure the optimisation of your gains through industrial systems that guarantee you the most success. Get in touch with us through our website or email or phone, we’re waiting with a customized offer for your utmost gain.