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Knife sterilizer - a small, easily mounted industrial tool sterilizer

knife sterilizer for clean cutsKnife sterilizer is a compact industry tool sterilizer made in strong stainless steel. It is mostly used in food industries where somefood processing is required. We produce several knife sterilizers, all of which are compact in size and do not require big space consumption. Our smallest MB sterilizer with capacity of five 200 mm long knives can be either mounted on the wall or near a small hand wash basin, providing for simple operation. All of our industrial sterilizers are equipped with a thermostat and a heater burnout protection, while the temperature of hot water used in the sterilization process is adjustable to three degrees up or down from the 85°C standard. The all-in-one knife, axe and saw sterilizer is polyethylene-coated to prevent any possible damage in the process of tool sterilizing.

Knife basket sterilizer does the efficient sterilizing in minimum time

A knife basket sterilizer is a self-standing tool sterilizer which provides quick and thorough sterilization. Its powerful design enables you to save both time and energy in the technological process. Just place the knife basket into slots, close the top lid and the sterilization will start automatically. They are available in two sizes: smaller sized model can accept five large or ten small knives, whereas the bigger model handles sterilization of fifteen large or thirty small knives. Smaller model runs on a standard 230V power-supply, and the other is supplied by 400V hi-voltage.


Utensil washers - ideal for knife basket washing and disinfection

tool sterilizer for axes and sawsThese multi-purpose machines do all the washing, disinfection and sterilizing. They can be used as knife and tool sterilizers, as well as for other smaller-sized object like machine parts. Simply place the knives into the holders, close the cover and then control the cleaning process via micro-switch control panel. The process itself is divided two-phase: washing of the objects with medium water temperature of 45°C, and the sterilization afterwards, which is prepared in a separate compartment and delivered by a high-pressure pump for maximum sterilization security.

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