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Cargo containers can be fitted with electrical and water installations

Our high quality cargo containers in many sizes are one of the best in Europe. In our sales program we have cargo containers in many different dimensions. We are sure you can find the right size that suites your needs. Cargo containers in different dimensions can be used for offices and for living accommodation and for many more purposes. Beside electric and water installations, all cargo containers can be fitted with sanitary installations and equipment according to your needs. We can fit additional separation walls inside cargo container to get rooms in different dimensions. Our cargo containers are made in seven different dimensions. The smallest dimension is 2989 mm x 2435 mm and the biggest dimension is 9125 mm x 2435 mm. Other dimensions can be custom made. You can always place more cargo containers of same dimensions or different dimensions together to get bigger office or bigger living space. Cargo container dimensions are standard because they are meant to be stacked together.

cargo container dimensionscargo container sizes


Cargo containers have big weight so they have to be transported with special trailers

Cargo containers are transported to customer location with special trailers which are made from strong and durable materials. Trailer is made specifically for transportation of containers because of their weight and size. Cargo containers weight is big, so the transportation has to be safe and according to rules and laws.


Cargo containers have ceiling, floor and wall weight load limitation

Standard construction of cargo containers has limitations about permitted loads. Ceiling load of is limited to 100 kg/m², floor load is limited to 200 kg/m² and wall load is 50 kg/m². Because of the weight of cargo container there is also limitation of stacking. There can be maximum three cargo containers stacked on top of each other. That is weight limitation that ensures the optimum stability of construction.