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Container buildings - what are they?

Container buildings are buildings, constructed from individual living containers. Design of these ISO container buildings can be truly remarkable and we can find their examples all over the world. Container buildings can be used on construction sites or as commercial buildings and offices, as mobile cafés and fast food restaurants, container buildings are popular as hostel or mobile houses all over the world, but they can also be used as living containers (design can be completely unique) or as temporary residential buildings. No matter the choice, they are exceptional, practical and cheap.

ISO container buildings for sale

If you want your own ISO container building, you can have it. At REM we offer several portable living containers, which you can arrange into container building for your own purposes. Our ISO container buildings are among the most quality container buildings in Europe, they are durable and practical. Alternative living containers can be used individually as garages or offices, but when stacked together they can be transformed into amazing container buildings of different sizes and purposes. If you are interested in buying new or used living containers, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with more details and answer any questions you might have.

Portable living containers for everybody

Container buildings aren’t only used for shipping and storage. With some imagination they can be transformed into unique, practical modular buildings for different purposes. We can use them for office or for temporary residential buildings anywhere in the world. Container buildings are cheap and require minimal work and leave minimal waste. They can be assembled the way we like it, ISO container buildings can be as big or as small as we like and we can always add additional portable living containers later. Why not try it?


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