Prefab office buildings and homes produce the best space flexibility


Prefab office buildings are highly functional, inexpensive and durable working spaces, which especially come handy in situation where quick expansion of available square meters is needed. These architectural solutions are well known for its quick construction process, which enables temporary working operations to be organized in only a couple of weeks or even days. While the use of prefab buildings for business is quite commonly found, the recent architectural trends saw the emergence of prefab homes modern modular-built spaces for living. More people choose prefab homes due to their simplicity, flexibility and most important of all energetic efficiency, which allows for some serious savings.

The benefits of using portable office buildings on the long run


Up to the last decade, portable office buildings were commonly regarded as demountable units, which can deliver satisfactory performance for only a limited period. However, with the improvements following the digital revolution in the technological process, there is no reason to invest in a prefab building for business that shall be going on for a while. A fine example of such practice are prefab commercial buildings, which include spacey multi-purpose rooms, offices, stores and sanitary facilities. These buildings provide great working capacity and minimize the risk of overcrowding stress, all at a very reasonable cost, which includes savings in the area of regular maintenance.

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Prefab homes – modern alternative to expensive solid-build properties


Generally speaking, the same advantages apply to the choice of prefab homes. Modern prefab production enables very good quality of modular and mobile homes, which can in some cases stand next to the quality delivered in solid-build houses. Prefab homes are way cheaper than its solid counterparts due to the cost of modular materials, the fabrication conditions, which can be fully controlled, and the fact that the construction process is fairly less complicated and much quicker. If you are a mobile home enthusiast, you can try prefab container homes at costs which are smaller than a price of a mid-range family car.


The prefab building costs enable bigger budget for interior design


The prefab building prices are also a great opportunity to have additional funds for equipping your facility at your disposal. For instance, if your prefab office building project allowed you to save around 50% of the solid-build building`s price, why not to take this opportunity to invest in the matching portable office equipment, which will immediately create a modern touch and will encourage the workers to adopt a more modern approach. The prefab homes` modern and stylish design can be a great inspiration for decorating your place – simply let your imagination run and play with different mobile home ideas.

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REM prefab office buildings and homes – modern high-quality solutions


We are a highly experienced prefab office building and home manufacturer, who constantly develops its architectural solutions. We produce classrooms, kindergartens, offices, storages and multi-purpose modular facilities – you name it. We are capable of bringing modular construction methods in various types of objects. We have also introduced appealing user-friendly prefab houses for vacancies, which are easy to transport, mount and maintain. We also have a line of prefab homes which are designed in the latest fashion, and will let you discover the charms of mobile living in its full feature at very reasonable costs.




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