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Prefab portacabin is a common term in portable building descriptions, mainly referring to the developing process of these non-solid objects. Portable buildings or portacabins are prefabricated off-site, usually at the company`s own production facility, and later simply transported and adjusted to the desired location. Since prefab office building`s costs are very rational, they are the favourite choice of construction for on-site offices. Although prefab portacabins are mostly associated with demountable objects, which are only to be temporary solution, prefab modular schools or industrial modular buildings are often used on a long-term basis.

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We put great effort in building prefab homes as sustainable objects

Prefab portacabins are one of the most enjoyable ways to go mobile living. In a desire to further enhance this experience, we include innovative solutions in building prefab homes, which is why they can be used as a permanent living space. Prefab portacabins from our range are bright, airy and are even given a slightly traditional architectural touch, specifically with the inclusion of organic materials in the final construction. We`ve stepped up the game of building prefab homes with quality of the interior, which can be easily compared with solid construction and has advanced infrastructural features.

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We offer modern prefab modular commercial buildings at the best prices

Thanks to the growing possiblities in building fabrication process, prefab portacabin can be built very quickly, but nevertheless is capable of serving the most ambitious professional plans and needs. This is especially visible with luxury prefabricated steel structures. Regarding the previous succes in building prefab homes, schools and even hangars, we`ve decided to deliver light frame steel construction building, which is fast-erect, large capacity object that is suited for commercial purposes. We provide a system which is well resistant to outdoor conditions and saves a great deal of energy consumption, all at a very reasonable price.