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  • Bohinj accommodation

    Bohinj accommodation consists of several tiers. You can choose to book a Slovenian apartment or even an entire holiday home in Slovenia.

  • Bohinj apartments

    Bohinj apartments allow you easy access to Bohinj’s waterfall Slap Savica. It is one of Bohinj’s most popular tourist attractions and definitely worth a visit.

  • Bike tours in Slovenia

    You can find many bike tours in Slovenia that will allow you to travel the country. Cycling in Slovenia is a cheap and healthy way to travel distances, long or short.

  • Bohinj ski

    Ski near Bohinj and experience the European nature as it used to be hundreds of years ago. Skiing holidays in Slovenia are an adventure for nature lovers.

  • Best skiing in Slovenia

    Best skiing in Slovenia can make your best vacation you will never forget. Ski center Vogel welcomes you. So many colorful options to experience!

  • Bohinj ski resort

    Bohinj ski resort is part of the unspoiled Slovene nature in the heart of the Alps. Ski resorts in Slovenia are filled with friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Beach houses to rent

    Beach houses to rent - stay in a luxury apartment with sea view in island Krk in beautiful Croatian villas. Some luxury apartments also with swimming pool.

  • Bread cutter machine

    Bread cutter machine Domina is durable and easy to use. Machine cutter for bread has a capacity of cutting up to 1100 kg/h. Slice bread fast and secure.

  • Bread cutters

    Bread cutters which assures proper, fast and secure cutting. With bread loaf cutter all slices of bread will be the same size. Cutter guide with sharp blades.

  • Bread slicing machines

    Bread slicing machines Domina - choose the right type of high quality, fast and secure bread slicing machine needed for your business. Please contact us.

  • Bread slicer

    Bread slicer with installed guide. Commercial bread slicer machine Domina can be automatic, semi-automatic, with belt, trim&cutting or a packing table.

  • Bread cutting

    Bread cutting with a machine means cutting the bread in even slices, because of the inserted bread cutting guide that enables knives to run through the loaf evenly.

  • Bread slicers

    Bread slicers for sale and rent. We offer you electric commercial bread slicers which are very powerful, fast, secure and easy to use. Please contact us.