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  • All sports timing

    All sports timing - use Beam trainer for timing events - running, resistance training... Equipment can be used for beep test. See description on our website.

  • Sports timing solutions

    Sports timing solutions - athletics training tips for photo finishing software and beep test distance and time chart. Timing in sport with Beam Trainer is easy.

  • Modern parquet wood flooring FESI

    Modern parquet wood flooring is a trendy, fresh version of the traditionally popular flooring type. Find out how you too can make parquet flooring more modern.

  • Oak parquet flooring tiles FESI

    Grey oak parquet flooring tiles have the natural appeal that is unmatched. This lasting flooring is highly impressing and easy to maintain parquet flooring tiles.

  • Parquet oak flooring

    Parquet oak flooring offers numerous possibilities. You can choose among several oak parquet flooring tiles and different laying options, like herringbone oak parquet flooring etc.

  • Parquet wooden flooring

    Parquet wooden flooring is the classic choice for any home, but the beautiful tones of our hardwood flooring parquet catch the eye and offer many advantages.

  • Parquet flooring patterns

    Best parquet flooring manufacturers and material. Parquet flooring patterns with style. Parquet flooring: How thick is a proper parquet? Ask the our experts.

  • Wood parquet floor

    Wood parquet flooring - read about what is parquet wood flooring, how to install and care for parquet wood flooring and about parquet wooden flooring patterns.

  • Patterns of parquet flooring

    Parquet flooring patterns are numerous. Before deciding on a parquet flooring design, consider the desired parquet flooring style, manufacturers, thickness etc.

  • Parque wooden flooring

    Parquet wooden flooring - we recommend simple and regular polishing and caring for you herringbone hardwood parquet flooring if you want to preserve its beauty.

  • Installating parquet flooring

    Parquet flooring installation - leave it to a company, which knows more than herringbone parquet flooring and will tell you how to protect and care for parquet.

  • Grey parquet flooring style

    Grey parquet flooring offers an unparalleled versatility. Choose our high-quality contemporary pine parquet and decide for a beautiful parquet flooring pattern.

  • Parquet flooring design

    Parquet flooring designs offer beauty and durability, if you chose the best parquet flooring company. Maintaining/looking after parquet flooring is also simple.

  • How to lay parquet flooring FE

    To create contemporary style with solid wood parquet flooring, you should lay light coloured tiles. All our products are made of best quality materials

  • Herringbone parquet wood flooring

    Herringbone solid wood parquet flooring can be placed in different patterns. Caring for oiled parquet includes cleaning and polishing with maintenance oil.