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  • Container buildings

    Container buildings are extremely versatile. ISO container buildings can be used as offices or other commercial premises, and the number of portable living containers is also on the rise.

  • Container office building

    Container office buildings from REM are made of different modular units and can be adapted to your needs, assembled easily and are recyclable to fulfil modern standards.

  • Container office building

    Mobile container office buildings for sale allow sufficient comfort, functionality and security. Manufacturer REM specializes in portable office containers.

  • Container office building

    Container office buildings are appropriate for all environments, easily asembled and dismantled, while transportable to anywhere in the shortest possible time.

  • Cargo container dimensions

    Cargo container is produced in different dimensions and is suitable for office use. We transport containers on trailers that are designed to carry big weight.

  • Cargo container garage

    Cargo container garage on low price. We are offering you prefab building and homes with shipping container garage. They are easy and quick to built.

  • Cargo container houses REM

    Cargo container tiny houses designed following your plans and wishes. Costs of building cargo container houses are affordable and houses are eco-friendly.

  • Living container

    Living containers for sale are mobile so you can relocate them to different location. When many of them are assembled they form modular living buildings.

  • Living containers

    Living containers are very useful to live in. living in storage modular cargo container can be very gracious. Buy cargo container at low price.

  • Portable office containers

    Prices of small portable office containers are competitive. There are also portable office storages available as well as other equipment for portable offices.

  • Prefab container office for sale

    Prefab container office for sale, modular school buildings and other prefabricated buildings from leading manufacturer in Europe.

  • Rem, d.o.o. - Containers

    Rem, d.o.o. offers a wide range of container homes, mobile offices, prefab buildings, cargo containers and more.

  • Sanitary containers

    Sanitary containers are practical and hygienic solutions when you’re in need of a prefabricated portable cabin. REM also offers other portable cabins, which enable quick installation and flexible layout.

  • Modular living containers

    Modular living containers are portable and thus easy to move elsewhere, moreover, in REM, we are also offering living containers for sale.

  • Living containers

    Living containers can be a welcome solution to solving big housing problems or a convenient option for a holiday retreats. They are predictable, sustainable and practical.