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  • Kobarid accommodation

    Kobarid accommodation is what you need if you decide to experience thrilling kayaking holidays. There are many and interesting Kobarid attractions here.

  • Best accommodation Slovenia

    Best accommodation Bohinj Slovenia - find the best holiday accommodation in Slovenia for singles, couples or groups. Plan your Lake Bohinj adventure!

  • Health holidays

    Health holidays at an excellent ayurvedic retreat. Ayurvedic holidays at Hotel Kristal mean massages, therapies, yoga and meditation on vacation.

  • Charcoal bbq and grill

    Charcoal bbq and grill - take your grilling to the next level, take in inside! Indoor charcoal bbq grill gives you the true bbq flavor in your own kitchen!

  • Charcoal grill vs. oven

    Charcoal grill vs. oven; if you can`t decide, choose charcoal grill with pizza oven. Pick your favorite among our wide selection of economical, efficient and well made charcoal oven grills.

  • Charcoal ovens

    Charcoal ovens. Bring your cooking outdoor with charcoal oven at convenient price. Best charcoal oven for sale!

  • Charcoal ovens for sale

    Kopa`s high quality charcoal ovens for sale can be found around the world. Discover the charcoal ovens that are preffered by chefs and restaurant owners

  • Charcoal pizza oven grill

    Charcoal oven - read about how charcoal oven works, how to use it as heating oven, charcoal oven prices and the superiority of pizza oven and charcoal grill.

  • Grill and bake barbecue with oven

    Want to grill and bake in a barbecue with oven? Good idea, since barbecue grill ovens and wood charbroilers is what we specialize in at Kopa, Slovenia

  • Indoor charcoal oven with bbq grill

    What if you could place a real charcoal bbq right in your kitchen. Grill the finest dishes indoors, without compromise the best flavors and texture in your dishes.

  • Indoor charcoal grill restaurant

    Indoor charcoal grills for restaurants and private kitchens, to meet the expectations of even the most demanding chefs and guests. Kopa is glad to provide.