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  • Drying kiln Futura®

    Futura is a universal drying machine (drying kiln)for wood and other bio-feedstock.Drying machine Futura is under protection of national patents all around the world.European patent - EP No.1029211 proves the originality of technical solutions in 18 Patent points.U.S. Patent U.S. 7,089,683 B1 proves even in 26 Patent points and technical solutions.

  • Weddings in Slovenia

    Weddings in Slovenia, especially those taking advantage of wedding venues in the lake district, are among the most beautiful dream weddings in the world.

  • What is laminate flooring? FESI

    What is a laminate flooring? Discover the features and qualities of floating wood flooring tiles and why it is the most popular choice for homeowners across the globe.

  • Cleaning laminate wood flooring FE

    Find out how to clean your laminate wood floor naturally and effectively, without the use of abrasive floor cleaning products.

  • Padding under laminate flooring

    It is advised that you install padding under laminate flooring. It will ensure better sound transmissions and thermal insulation and also protect it against moisture.

  • Eco-friendly laminate flooring FESI

    Eco-friendly laminate flooring is an investment into the future of your household, as well as the environment. Laminate flooring is highly recyclable and you can even do it yourself!

  • Light walnut laminate FESI

    Light walnut laminate flooring is the perfect choice of wood laminate flooring solution for contemporary households! Budget-friendly, durable flooring, versatile and highly resistant flooring.

  • Linoleum parquet flooring

    Linoleum parquet flooring by Floor Experts is durable, versatile and available at attractive prices. Make the best investment for your home!

  • Laminate flooring brands FESI

    Laminate flooring brands, offered at Floor Experts, ensure quality, certainty, longevity and an extensive choice. We only offer the best laminate flooring brands for your satisfaction.

  • Yoga weekend retreats

    Yoga weekend retreats are probably one of the best things you can do. Yoga and meditation retreats in our yoga hotel are very popular among our guests.

  • Economical houses

    Economical houses are the result of energy efficient new home/house construction. Energy efficient prefab homes also known as energetic houses save energy and are eco-friendly.

  • Flexible conveyor systems

    Automated conveyor systems for industrial use are powered by electricity. You can choose between industrial conveyor belt systems and mini conveyor system.

  • The rental of manufacturing facilities

    Manufacturing facilities with low cost. Also business premises for rent and warehousing of raw materials. Clean and modern space for warehousing.

  • Warehouse for rent

    A warehouse for rent - easy, modern and affordable. We offer a large capacity, business premises and warehousing with modern technology.

  • Massage Ljubljana

    Massage - in addition to Thai massages, Onzonthai Ljubljana offers prenatal massages for pregnant women, which will alleviate stress and eliminate back pain.