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  • Drying kiln Futura®

    Futura is a universal drying machine (drying kiln)for wood and other bio-feedstock.Drying machine Futura is under protection of national patents all around the world.European patent - EP No.1029211 proves the originality of technical solutions in 18 Patent points.U.S. Patent U.S. 7,089,683 B1 proves even in 26 Patent points and technical solutions.

  • How & Advantages

    Drying process begins with heating of the wood (fresh wood - 90% humidity or more), automatically followed by the next stage, which is a combination of negative pressure condensation-convection drying with partial air exchange and, after achieving the desired final moisture in wood (under 8%) moves to the status of conditioning and cooling. Wood is now ready for immediate processing.

  • Presentations

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  • Green Energy

    Effective drying at low temperatures!Drying machine Futura requires only electricity (average of 4 kW / h), as with its technique and the technology optimizes the entire process, therefore requires a minimum amount of energy. The total energy consumption of the machine is less than competitive products of comparable size consume just for control and ventilation.

  • Tech Specifications

    Technical specifications of wood drying kiln Futura.