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  • Grill and bake barbecue with oven

    Want to grill and bake in a barbecue with oven? Good idea, since barbecue grill ovens and wood charbroilers is what we specialize in at Kopa, Slovenia

  • Good hand hygiene

    Good hand hygiene is very important. With out hygiene stations you can effectively monitor your hands hygiene during the day.

  • Green modular school buildings

    Green modular school buildings can be used as temporary or permanent modular school buildings, which are natural, economically friendly and adding more modular school rooms is easy.

  • Granulator knives

    Granulator knives are sold at competitive price. In TRO, we are one of the leading suppliers of durable granulator knives with clear-cut in the area.

  • Green Energy

    Effective drying at low temperatures!Drying machine Futura requires only electricity (average of 4 kW / h), as with its technique and the technology optimizes the entire process, therefore requires a minimum amount of energy. The total energy consumption of the machine is less than competitive products of comparable size consume just for control and ventilation.

  • Green modular school building

    Modular school buildings are green and energy efficient, moreover, modular classrooms and kindergartens are also very spacious.