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  • Holiday homes Slovenia

    Holiday homes in Slovenia as your holiday destination give you a home away from home. Slovenian vacation rentals, whether a room, a family apartment, or an entire house.

  • Private holiday homes

    Private holiday homes are one of the options you have when choosing a Lake Bohinj accommodation. Another would be to go camping near Lake Bohinj.

  • Private home accommodation

    Private home accommodation in Slovenia is one of the options when asked where to stay in Slovenia. The other, cheaper one would hostels in Slovenia.

  • Mobile homes

    Mobile homes are offered on low price. You can also decide to buy parts for mobile home to live in and make your residential home even more luxurious.

  • Modular construction homes

    Modular construction homes are for sale now. Modular constructions come with many benefits. Pros and cons of modular contraction buildings are described below.

  • Smart home

    Qubino smart home hub technologies with newest smart home devices, appliances and lighting system. Welcome to smart home living solutions!

  • Bohinj accommodation

    Bohinj accommodation consists of several tiers. You can choose to book a Slovenian apartment or even an entire holiday home in Slovenia.

  • Bohinj apartments

    Bohinj apartments allow you easy access to Bohinj’s waterfall Slap Savica. It is one of Bohinj’s most popular tourist attractions and definitely worth a visit.

  • Camping at Lake Bohinj

    Camping near Lake Bohinj means you can take advantage of camping in the Alps and the Slovenian hiking destinations. Campsites in Slovenia await your arrival.

  • Lake Bohinj hotels

    Lake Bohinj hotels and bed and breakfasts in Slovenia will provide you accommodation in Slovenia. Make your vacation in Slovenia a dream come true.

  • Tourist apartments

    Tourist apartments, boarding rooms and private rooms in Bohinj can all be viewed and booked online. Check for Slovenian Lake Bohinj accommodation today.

  • Slovenian ski resorts

    Slovenian ski resorts are part of the most beautiful Slovene nature, known all over the Europe. If you seek pure enjoyment in pristine nature, do visit them.

  • Holiday rentals Slovenia

    Holiday rentals Slovenia offer superb hospitality. You are most welcome to enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Europe.

  • Skiing holiday in Slovenia

    Skiing holidays in Slovenia are the best way to become connected to pristine nature while skiing. Slovenian ski package holidays make customers satisfied.

  • Slovenia ski accommodation

    Ski accommodation in Slovenia is surrounded by the most beautiful Slovenian Alps. If you decide for ski holidays in Slovenia, you will remember them forever.