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  • Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements

    Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements at our company is work, which we have been doing excellently for a long time, which is why many companies trust us.

  • MDF lacquering

    MDF lacquering, glass lacquering and lacquering to a high gloss - for many an unsolvable riddle, but we’re the best at just that. Let masters of the craft perform this work.

  • Automated flexible conveyor systems

    Automated conveyor systems are widely used in industry. At Nieros we offer industrial, mini, powered, flexible conveyor systems and other solutions for you.

  • Automated warehouse system

    Warehouse systems, either manual or automated storage (racking) systems, improve your working process. For best result choose best warehouse management system.

  • Cleaning aprons

    Cleaning apron on daily bassis is very easy with our cleaning machine or cleaning cabin. Machine and cabin offer thoroughly cleaning of aprons and boots.

  • Cost of industrial washing machine

    Industrial washing machine for sale works on low costs. washing machine for industrial use is very durable, due to high-quality built-in parts.

  • Equipment for industrial cleaning

    Industrial cleaning equipment: Nieros offers high-quality industrial hygiene (monitoring) equipment, meat processing and washing equipment and other solutions.

  • Flexible conveyor systems

    Automated conveyor systems for industrial use are powered by electricity. You can choose between industrial conveyor belt systems and mini conveyor system.

  • Hand hygiene

    Hand hygiene stations offer effective hand hygiene monitoring. You can also choose smaller but effective hygiene station stand for personal needs.

  • Hand hygiene compliance

    Hand hygiene compliance can be ensured by hand hygiene monitoring systems and hand hygiene stations that offer proper hand hygiene maintenance.

  • Hand hygiene stations

    At Nieros, we are one of the leading hygiene station manufacturers. We manufacture hand hygiene stations, foot hygiene stations and other hygiene solutions.