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  • Knife sterilizer

    Knife sterilizer disinfects knives and axes with adjustable hot water sterilization. This compact tool sterilizer guarantees result with minimum consumption.

  • Knife holders

    Best industrial knife holders types are made from alloy steel that ensures durability and safety during the work of knives.

  • Circular knife blade

    Industrial circular knife blade come with specification that is also available at our web site. Circular cutters ensure clean and efficient cut of different materials.

  • Circular saw blade knife

    Circular saw blade knife, semi circular knives, circular machine knives and circular slitter knives are safe to use, in addition, they are user friendly.

  • Cutting knife blade

    Cutting knife blade are sold on an attractive price. Take a look onto how to use a large cutting knife with a sharp edge and how to maintain it.

  • Pelletizing knife

    Pelletizing knives are made for recycling different materials. Pelletizer blades are made from high-quality materials with different levels of hardness.

  • Shredding knife

    Shredding knife are usually used for recycling. We are also producing industrial machine knives granulator knife and circular slitter knife.

  • Bread slicing guide

    Adjustable bread slicing guide blades are sharps as a knife. Cutting machines Domina suitable for diverse usage. Cutting machinery avalable in different sizes.

  • Automated conveyor systems Nieros

    Automated conveyor systems are designed for different industries. Choose from mini flexible conveyor belt systems powered by electricity with long life cycle.

  • Hand wash basin

    Hand wash basin in stainless steel has super brushed surface which is easy to maintain. Our small wash hand basins are shipped ready for installation.

  • Hand wash station

    Hand wash station stands are offered at attractive price. Don’t miss the offer of automatic boot wash station with long life-span and user-friendly interface.

  • Industrial meat processing

    Industrial meat processing systems have many benefits for companies. Technology and equipment that we manufacture, offer great solutions in food industry.

  • Poultry processing equipment

    Processing equipment we manufacture can be made according to your needs. We can produce different sizes and variations of all our processing machines.

  • Shoe disinfectant

    Shoe disinfectant is best placed at the entrance or exit of production areas. Stations are used in bigger companies, machines are best for use in small spaces.