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  • Laminate flooring for bathrooms FE

    Can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom? Find out how you can get the hardwood flooring feel in your bathroom at a much lower cost!

  • Laminate flooring in kitchen FESI

    Water resistant laminate flooring has become a trendy kitchen flooring option. Discover its perks and find out what to consider before purchasing one yourself.

  • Laminate bathroom flooring FESI

    Laminate bathroom flooring can be an alternative to ceramic tiles that has many benefits, but also some reservations. Find out what you need to know.

  • Laminate flooring tiles - bathroom FESI

    Laminate flooring tiles - bathroom flooring favourite among new homeowners. A simple and durable alternative to regular ceramic flooring tiles that you will fall in love with.

  • Laminate flooring cork

    Laminate flooring with cork backing can be used when extra isolation is required. Sound and warmth will be kept in as cork is an excellent natural material for isolation of floors.

  • Laminate flooring for kitchens FESI

    Laminate flooring for kitchens is a good choice. For easier decision we present all the pros and cons of chestnut, oak or walnut laminate flooring in the kitchen.

  • Laminated wood flooring FESI

    Laminated wood flooring is a smart, beautiful, practical and affordable option for your home. Cleaning laminate dark wood flooring is easy and it needs no maintenance.

  • Laminate wood flooring

    Choose your favorite laminate wood flooring from our wide variety of laminate wood flooring colors and types.

  • Laminate flooring hand scraped

    Hand scraped laminate flooring is long-lasting. Here are some advantages of buying wood laminate flooring or hardwood flooring.

  • Laminated wood floorings

    Discover our beautiful laminated wood flooring; high quality walnut laminated wood flooring and many other variations

  • Laminate wood floorings FE

    Laminate wood flooring is a number one choice for many customers. We present some characteristics of laminate dark wood flooring and differences between hardwood and laminate flooring.

  • Laminate flooring padding

    Laminate flooring padding is usually plastic foam which is 6-8 mm thick. Thicker padding is more effective when it comes to sound and thermic protection.

  • Laminate floor for kitchens

    Can laminate flooring be used in kitchen? Yes: Water resistant laminate flooring. Kitchen slate laminate flooring? Tiles? For kitchens:Laminate flooring!

  • Laminate flooring click lock

    Click lock laminate flooring installation is simple task. All you have to do is lay the tiles next to each other, click them together and you are done.

  • Laminate click flooring

    laminate click flooring installation. Simple and easy laminate click lock flooring system. Get your click to click laminate flooring.-click in and enjoy.