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  • High dump bucket for sale

    High tip buckets for sale in various sizes and capacities. Suitable for all kinds of loaders with a very high capacity for low density materials!

  • High tip bucket for sale

    High dump (high tip) bucket, skid & steer side dump bucket for a wheel loader for sale. Our company produces outstanding customs made products for a good price.

  • Electronic timing gates

    Electronic timing gates and sports timing equipment for easy and accurate timing. Wireless timing system automatically saves all acquired data.

  • Most durable prefinished hardwood flooring

    Choosing prefinished hardwood flooring in any of your living spaces is a decision you won’t regret. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it also offers incredibly durability.

  • Parquet laminate flooring tiles FESI

    Parquet laminate flooring tiles - is laminate as good as parquet? What is the difference and why choose one over the other? Read all about laminated parquet.

  • Cleaning parquet flooring FE

    How to clean parquet flooring. From vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and polishing - find out what works best when cleaning your engineered wood parquet flooring

  • Cleaning laminate wood flooring FE

    Find out how to clean your laminate wood floor naturally and effectively, without the use of abrasive floor cleaning products.

  • Laminate flooring tiles - bathroom FESI

    Laminate flooring tiles - bathroom flooring favourite among new homeowners. A simple and durable alternative to regular ceramic flooring tiles that you will fall in love with.

  • Bleached oak parquet flooring

    Bleached oak parquet is a variant of white oak parquet flooring. It is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a bright and modern look.

  • Oak parquet flooring tiles FESI

    Grey oak parquet flooring tiles have the natural appeal that is unmatched. This lasting flooring is highly impressing and easy to maintain parquet flooring tiles.

  • Linoleum parquet flooring

    Linoleum parquet flooring by Floor Experts is durable, versatile and available at attractive prices. Make the best investment for your home!

  • Bleached oak parquet FESI

    Bleached oak wood parquet flooring from Floor Experts, your one-stop shop for the widest range of quality flooring products. See also our veneer line.

  • Cork laminate flooring problems FEIT

    Discover the newest trend; very durable cork laminate flooring for every type of home. Also learn about possible problems with cork laminate flooring.

  • Laminate flooring tiles for kitchens

    Laminate flooring for kitchens is impact, heat and moisture resistant. Laminate flooring kitchen tiles are low maintenance and highly resistant to scratches.