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  • Pirnar, d.o.o.

    Pirnar, d.o.o. is an innovator of modern, luxury, designers, high end front doors and entrances.

  • Aluminium entrance doors

    Aluminium entrance doors in modern designs are perfect for contemporary homes. Our entry doors are suitable for residential and office buildings as well.

  • Contemporary exterior doors

    Contemporary exterior doors Pirnat are the best possible combination of beauty and security, furthermore, our aluminium contemporary entrance doors can be designed to suit your needs.

  • Luxury entry doors

    Luxury entry doors Pirnar express innovation and unique beauty. Furthermore, our luxury home entry doors are sturdy and safe, and luxury double entry doors enable even more flexibility.

  • Luxury exterior doors

    Luxury exterior doors represent first contact between a visitor and a home, and with Pirnat luxury exterior front doors you will surely leave an impression. Check out our masterpieces.