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  • Bread cutter machine

    Bread cutter machine Domina is durable and easy to use. Machine cutter for bread has a capacity of cutting up to 1100 kg/h. Slice bread fast and secure.

  • Bread cutters

    Bread cutters which assures proper, fast and secure cutting. With bread loaf cutter all slices of bread will be the same size. Cutter guide with sharp blades.

  • Bread slicing machines

    Bread slicing machines Domina - choose the right type of high quality, fast and secure bread slicing machine needed for your business. Please contact us.

  • Slicer machine for bread

    Bread slicer machine - bread cutting machines, cutting bread with machine slicer. Domina bread loaf slicer machines made with experience, knowledge and quality.

  • Automatic and semi-automatic slicer

    Domina automatic bread slicer and semi-automatic bread slicer are two kinds of bread slicing machines in the line of products of Fiš d.o.o.

  • Automatic cutting machine

    Automatic cutting machine is a bread cutting machine. Also available semi-automatic cutting machines. Quality bread cutting machinery Domina, for sale and rent.

  • Bread slicing machine

    Electric bread slicing machines - Domina slicers. Every Domina bread slicing machine is a quality product of extensive knowledge. They are safe and easy to use.

  • Bakery cutters

    Bakery cutters are professional bakery equipment. Bakery supplies Domina are adjustable in size. Try out our cutting machinery Domina for precise cutting.

  • Charcoal oven restaurant

    Charcoal oven - restaurant with charcoal bbq oven is something that modern guests are looking for. Click to see the charcoal ovens for sale and get yourself one today!

  • Charcoal oven with grill

    Charcoal oven grill gives an incomparable roasted flavor. Using a charcoal grill pizza oven you`ll be able to get barbecue-style pizza in a blink of an eye.

  • Charcoal ovens

    Charcoal ovens. Bring your cooking outdoor with charcoal oven at convenient price. Best charcoal oven for sale!

  • Wooden houses construction

    Wooden houses construction - wooden houses and modern prefab cabins are constructed by skilled house builders and log house manufacturers, and offer all the comfort you need.

  • Automated conveyor systems

    Automated conveyor systems we produce are made for handling crates, pallets and boxes. We offer all kinds of conveyor systems: flexible, mini, powered are more.