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  • Parquet flooring price

    How to lay parquet flooring - we explain the process and answer questions about parquet flooring price, coloured parquet, how thick it is and some advantages.

  • Parquet wood flooring prices FESI

    Parquet wood flooring - for durability choose good installation, patterns and buy parquet flooring at a reliable seller. Also read about parquet flooring prices

  • Log house price

    Log house price - wooden cabin prices, log cabin building costs and residential log cabins for sale are comparable to the brick and prefabricated houses or can even be even lower.

  • Shredder prices

    Shredder prices are highly competitive, also, shredder height is adjustable. You can choose between different shredding knives; such as tire shredding knives.

  • Rivet price

    Rivets are an important element of different products. The price of custom-made rivets depends on their size, material and customer's wishes.

  • All sports timing

    All sports timing - use Beam trainer for timing events - running, resistance training... Equipment can be used for beep test. See description on our website.

  • Speed training equipment

    Speed and resistance training equipment can be affordable and high-quality. Use it for beep running test or timing runners - photo finish application included.

  • Sports timing solutions

    Sports timing solutions - athletics training tips for photo finishing software and beep test distance and time chart. Timing in sport with Beam Trainer is easy.

  • Bread slicer

    Bread slicer with installed guide. Commercial bread slicer machine Domina can be automatic, semi-automatic, with belt, trim&cutting or a packing table.

  • Bread slicers

    Bread slicers for sale and rent. We offer you electric commercial bread slicers which are very powerful, fast, secure and easy to use. Please contact us.

  • Where to buy parquet flooring

    Many customers are struggling to find the right option while looking for their next flooring. ‘Floor Experts’ offers an excellent quality to price ratio and a range of more than 700 wood parquet options.