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  • Slicer machine for bread

    Bread slicer machine - bread cutting machines, cutting bread with machine slicer. Domina bread loaf slicer machines made with experience, knowledge and quality.

  • Bread slicer

    Bread slicer with installed guide. Commercial bread slicer machine Domina can be automatic, semi-automatic, with belt, trim&cutting or a packing table.

  • Automatic and semi-automatic slicer

    Domina automatic bread slicer and semi-automatic bread slicer are two kinds of bread slicing machines in the line of products of Fiš d.o.o.

  • Bread slicers

    Bread slicers for sale and rent. We offer you electric commercial bread slicers which are very powerful, fast, secure and easy to use. Please contact us.

  • Professional slicer

    Professional slicer - professional / industrial slicer that slices many loaves of bread per hour. Pro slicer blades assure fast slicing and convenience.

  • Automatic slicer

    Automatic slicer can be equipped with a conveyor belt and/or a packing table. Buy bread slicer with sharp blades. We are sure you won't regret your decision.

  • Bread loaf slicer

    Bread loaf slicer is a very useful machine. It is also known as bakery bread slicer. We are looking for a distributor of Domina bread slicer in UK. Contact us.

  • Bread slicer blades

    Bread slicer blades in a professional bread slicer are very sharp, secure and adjustable. Bakery bread slicer can help you save a lot of time and nerves.

  • Industrial bread slicer

    Industrial bread slicer for cutting large quantities of bread. Cutting machines Domina are suitable for bakeries, restaurants or hotels. Cutting machinery Domina for precise cutting.

  • Cutting machine

    Bread cutting machine Domina is an effective automatic cutting machine. Cutting machines come in different sizes, colours and can also be custom made.

  • Bread cutter machine

    Bread cutter machine Domina is durable and easy to use. Machine cutter for bread has a capacity of cutting up to 1100 kg/h. Slice bread fast and secure.

  • Electric slicing machine

    Electric slicing machine Domina is used to slice bread. We offer you an electric bread cutter, which is safe to use and very efficient. Try out our electric slicer.

  • Bread cutters

    Bread cutters which assures proper, fast and secure cutting. With bread loaf cutter all slices of bread will be the same size. Cutter guide with sharp blades.

  • How to slice bread efficiently?

    How to slice bread? With Domina bread slicer, which is ideal for cutting large quantity of bread. Bread slices are evenly sized because of the blade layout.

  • Cutting bread in even slices

    Cutting bread evenly with slice cutter machine Domina. Use bread cutting guide with sharp blade to make even slices. Slice cutters have the CE certificate.