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  • Number portability

    Number portability system provides a complete solution for operators shops, for mobile and for fixed lines. It benefits customers and operators.

  • How & Advantages

    Drying process begins with heating of the wood (fresh wood - 90% humidity or more), automatically followed by the next stage, which is a combination of negative pressure condensation-convection drying with partial air exchange and, after achieving the desired final moisture in wood (under 8%) moves to the status of conditioning and cooling. Wood is now ready for immediate processing.

  • Tech Specifications

    Technical specifications of wood drying kiln Futura.

  • Local number portability rules

    Local number portability means taking your phone number with you when you switch operator. What is local number portability? Rules and costs exlpained.

  • Porting your number

    Porting your number from one operator to another is made simple with CRDB porting. CRDB number porting streamlines the process of porting a cell phone number.

  • Teletech inc

    Teletech inc is a fast-growing agile IT solutions provider, which is marked by the flexibility of its solutions and the modulable character of its products.

  • Quadon system

    Quadon system is a solution for number portability. It was grown over the years with our extensive client base from all over the world.

  • Quadon system from Teletech

    Quadon is a comprehensive number portability solution, intergated with registered email and e-commerce service, also featuring a module for electronic archiving.

  • Quadon postmaster

    Quadon postmaster, a comprehensive system for handling trusted email, is a Teletech product designed for users' handling of email which has to be time-stamped

  • Quadon e-archiving system

    Quadon is an in-house developed Teletech system joining high-level knowledge modular solutions in network portability, e-commerce and e-archiving.

  • Nieros warehouse systems

    Nieros' industrial storage solutions are completely adapted for business use, based on decades of in-house experience and world-class expertise.

  • Modular building systems

    Modular building systems are ever more frequently used in constructing buildings from various purposes. They are distinguished by rapid assembly and modularity.