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  • Trimo MSS

    Trimo MSS is forming and providing modular space solutions.

  • What is commercial building

    The answer to “What is commercial building?” is quite simple - commercial buildings are buildings that are used for commercial purposes – direct or indirect.

  • Commercial building construction types

    Different materials are used for commercial building construction types, moreover, new trends are applying in commercial building design.

  • Modular construction methods

    Modular building constructions are still relatively knew in the Slovenian housing sector. The modular construction methods, however, have convinced many to try.

  • Prefab modular units

    Prefab modular units consist of several modules, which are professionally stacked together. Prefab building materials typically entail wood, steel or concrete.

  • Modular solutions

    Modular solutions are made from high-quality materials, are fire safe and also very flexible, moreover, they are easy to transport.

  • Modular construction process

    Modular construction companies ensure high quality material for an affordable price. The modular construction process is quick and not at all problematic.

  • Modular office building

    Modular office workstations are incredibly effective ways of creating practical working environments for a large number of people in modular office buildings.

  • Prefab building systems

    Prefab modular buildings offer fire security and heath insulation. All the segments are made off-site, making prefab building systems safer for their workers.

  • Modular office building

    Modular office buildings are durable and long lasting, additionally modular buildings are flexible in design and ready to transport in short period of time.

  • Prefab camping cabins

    Prefab modular buildings are gaining popularity. Among the most sought out projects are the prefab camping cabins, which are properly insulated and fire safe.

  • Commercial building solutions

    Advanced commercial building solutions are durable and long lasting as well as eco-friendly and are thus, spreading all around Europe.

  • Commercial office designs

    Commercial office designs trends are changing – spaces are becoming more and more cosy and are designed so that the group work is enabled.

  • Commercial building architecture

    Improving a commercial building can significantly increase its value. Consider upgrading it with new design ideas and making it more eco-friendly.

  • Innovative modular solutions

    Opening a new location for your business demands a lot of research. Define your priorities ahead and look at the chosen area through your customer’ eyes.