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  • Wood parquet flooring FESI

    Wood parquet and flooring made in outstanding quality, for every situation and affordable. We at Alpod deliver what no other floor maker does, and are proud of it.

  • Wooden parquet flooring FESI

    Wooden parquet flooring: choose quality, durability, elegance, and versatility. Choose parquet! Wooden flooring has many advantages over other types of flooring.

  • Wood veneer laminate flooring

    wood veneer laminate flooring at real competitive prices. Only at Floor Experts from Slovenia, where price to quality is unmatched.

  • Wood veneer floor FESI

    Wood veneer flooring is easy to clean and radiates luxury. Be mesmerised by its unique patterns, natural look and rich colour combinations!

  • Wood laminate flooring FESI

    Wood laminate flooring is offered in many brands. We are the best place to buy top rated flooring. It’s durability is long and laminate is very resistant.

  • Wood parquet floorings

    Solid wood parquet flooring is very long lasting. You can choose from many types of hardwood flooring - oak dark wood flooring or teak parquet flooring.

  • Wooden parquet floorings

    Wooden parquet flooring is versatile and can be styled with anything. Choose among classical grey parquet wood flooring or brown parquet flooring, engineered wood or prefinished parquet.

  • Wood flooring parquet FESI

    Caring for parquet wood flooring- Floating or glued, damaged or unfinished parquet wood flooring. Parquet: Sanding parquet wood flooring, coloring, oiling,..

  • Wood parquet floor

    Wood parquet flooring - read about what is parquet wood flooring, how to install and care for parquet wood flooring and about parquet wooden flooring patterns.

  • Wooden parquet flooring engineered FESI

    Wooden parquet flooring can be prefinished/unfinished parquet and made from real or engineered wood, which also influences how we install parquet wood flooring.

  • Wooden garden houses

    Wooden garden houses and cabins are a practical addition to your garden. See our wooden garden summer house designs and check our garden summer houses for sale.

  • Wooden houses construction

    Wooden houses construction - wooden houses and modern prefab cabins are constructed by skilled house builders and log house manufacturers, and offer all the comfort you need.

  • Wooden prefabricated houses

    Wooden prefabricated houses are safe and healthy. Wooden house builders can guarantee that prefabricated modern wooden houses are our future. Wooden house construction details.

  • Best prefinished hardwood flooring FE

    Finding the best prefinished hardwood flooring is much more than just picking your favourite colour. Make sure you know the right steps towards your next perfect flooring by reading our simple guide.

  • Most durable prefinished hardwood flooring

    Choosing prefinished hardwood flooring in any of your living spaces is a decision you won’t regret. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it also offers incredibly durability.