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  • Bohinj apartments

    Bohinj apartments allow you easy access to Bohinj’s waterfall Slap Savica. It is one of Bohinj’s most popular tourist attractions and definitely worth a visit.

  • Bread cutter machine

    Bread cutter machine Domina is durable and easy to use. Machine cutter for bread has a capacity of cutting up to 1100 kg/h. Slice bread fast and secure.

  • Parquet laminate flooring tiles FESI

    Parquet laminate flooring tiles - is laminate as good as parquet? What is the difference and why choose one over the other? Read all about laminated parquet.

  • Real wood veneer laminate flooring FESI

    Real wood veneer laminate flooring has the look of real oak hardwood floors at a better price! Discover the advantages of veneer laminate flooring.

  • How to install engineered hardwood flooring FE

    How to install engineered hardwood flooring: a beginner’s guide to installation and maintenance of floating wood parquet flooring.

  • Engineered click hardwood flooring FESI

    Engineered click hardwood flooring - discover a popular and easy way to beautify your home and what you should know about engineered floating floors.

  • Veneer wood laminate flooring FESI

    Wood veneer laminate flooring combines the best attributes of both hardwood floors and laminate. It is engineered flooring with a top layer of real wood.

  • Ash wood laminate flooring

    The finest ash wood laminate flooring, and hand scraped wood plus amazing details in our new range of extraordinary Floor Experts products. The finest for your home or office.

  • Parquet flooring installation

    Parquet flooring installation includes two basic options - floating and glue-down. Installing parquet flooring with both methods has advantages (cost to install parquet flooring etc.).

  • Laminate flooring - white FE

    White laminate flooring and dark grey shades from our sales program are high quality products. Our selection of light and dark shades is very extensive.

  • Laying laminate flooring

    Laying laminate flooring using click system and floating method is easy and quick. Use of good quality underlayment is advisable for concrete subfloor.

  • Dark oak laminate flooring

    Dark oak effect laminate flooring gives your home a cosy feeling. We also sell natural and vintage style flooring which create different appearances.

  • Easy click laminate flooring FESI

    Click lock laminate flooring is very easy to install. Planks are clicked together without any force. This system allows quick and undemanding installation.