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Porting a cell phone number

Porting a cell phone number using CRDB porting is the optimal efficient method. Teletech’s Quadon number porting gateway is a complete solution for porting cell phone numbers using a CRDB. It is a system for operators that performs number porting with maximum efficiency, security and reliability.

CRDB number porting

CRDB porting means transferring a telephone number from one operator to another using a central reference database (CRDB) - that's a location in which all customer information is stored, independently from operating companies. Operators then refer to the CRDB when a customer wants to switch a carrier. Without a CRDB, porting can be a long, drawn out process, in which operators negotiate one-on-one about transferring the customers’ information. The customer then has to wait, potentially with no working telephone number, until the process is complete. The CRDB, on the other hand, provides reliable information in a standard format for operators to receive. This makes the process of porting phone numbers much more reliable and efficient.

Porting cell phone numbers with CRDB

The CRDB often works in conjunction with a Clearing house. A Clearing house takes care of the whole number porting process, so that when a customer requests to move to another operator, they only need to speak to the new operator (the receiver). The receiver puts the request to the Clearing house, and it does the rest. The customer’s information is collected from the CRDB and sent to the new operator. With all the data in a centralised location and the process taken care of by a third party, number porting becomes optimally efficient and reliable.

porting a cell phone numberCRDB

CRDB porting with Quadon NP Gateway

Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway harnesses the best aspects of the CRBD/Clearing house system of number porting, with added innovations for security, flexibility and reliability. It is a one-stop solution for customers and a system for operators that saves time and cuts costs. It connects all outlets and departments of the operator - shops, resellers, billing, customer care, etc. Using a simple web GUI interface or, in some cases, an internal STK application, the personnel can implement number porting processes with ease. The gateway will take a request from one department, collect and send the necessary information from the CBRD and notify any additionally required departments on the way. The solution is expertly designed so that it fits in perfectly with existing systems. It is also modular and scalable, making it readily adaptable for change and development in the future.

Secure, reliable CRDB porting

The Quadon NP gateway has an array of security features that make its number porting procedure safe and dependable. Full logs are kept of all events within the system. They are detailed but easily searchable. In the event of unusual activity, alarms are programmed to activate. For example, in response to unusual actions in the course of a CRDB porting, login attempts that are false or attempts to access unauthorised data will trigger alarms. More widely in the system, monitoring devices allow for the setting of traps and alarms concerning emails. The system is also protected from faults by rigorous backup systems - all hardware components can be duplicated and data backups are completed incrementally every day and fully once per week. System monitoring means that faults are detected and repaired immediately.

CRDB for porting cell phone numbers

The Quadon NP Gateway is the optimal solution for porting using a CRDB. Number porting is centralised for efficiency and made secure and reliable by the system’s advanced architecture and technological innovations. Contact Teletech today for your solution. More at