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Paragliding in the Alps can give you the rush of adrenaline you’ve been craving. Several other activities in Slovenia can make your paragliding holiday even better.
Hotel Kristal can offer you a very nice accomodation with daily activities such as yoga, spa treatment or massages. Located in Bohin, you will have an unforgettable experience coupled with amazing nature.
Bohinj ski resort is part of the unspoiled Slovene nature in the heart of the Alps. Ski resorts in Slovenia are filled with friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 
Skiing and snowboarding in Slovenia are two of the most common winter activities. Check the dates of the ski season and visit the snowy planes this winter!
Ski near Vogel and experience the most beautiful nature that could be found in Europe. Vogel ski center is situated in the heart of Slovene pristine nature.
If you decide to go have your holidays in Slovenia, you can admire the unspoiled nature while skiing. Slovenia is a near-perfect destination for a winter vacation.
Fly fishing in Slovenia is widespread, so it’s a great place to plan your next fly fishing vacation there. Marble trout fishing in Slovenia is a specialty.
Best skiing in Slovenia can make your best vacation you will never forget. Ski center Vogel welcomes you. So many colorful options to experience!
Your entire family is bound to have fun in Slovenia's ski resorts. A variety of tracks, from small slopes to difficult tracks for experts. 
Skiing holidays can be very relaxing and peaceful, especially because of the untouched nature of the Slovenian Alps. We offer a rich palette of options and experineces.
One of the most beautiful parts of the Slovene nature are its Slovenian ski resorts. Their beauty is known all over Europe. If you love nature, you must visit them.
Waterfalls in Slovenia are a popular destination for tourists on backpacking trips while on their hiking vacation. Come visit Bohinj and the waterfall Slap Savica!
Ski near Bohinj and get an unforgettable natural experience of the European Alps. The nature is pristine and hasn't changed in hundreds of years. Bohinj Tourism will give you a great time.
Grab your fishing rod, put on your fishing attire and set foot into the beautiful nature of North-West Slovenia. If you enjoy fishing as a pasttime, you're sure to be extatic at what Lake Bohinj accommodation at Hotel Kristal has to offer you.
Weddings in Slovenia, especially those taking advantage of wedding venues in the lake district, are among the most beautiful dream weddings in the world.
At one of our many resorts you can do much more than just ski. Have a go in the ice hockey scene or take an envigorating hike.
Our ski package for holidays in Sloveina is the combination of nature and recreation. Once you experience the pristine nature you will always want to come back.
You can find many bike tours in Slovenia that will allow you to travel the country. Cycling in Slovenia is a cheap and healthy way to travel distances, long or short. 
Skiing holidays in Slovenia – enjoy the unspoiled nature!
River rafting in Slovenia is a popular activity suitable for almost anyone. Book your white water rafting vacations today and slide down white water rapids when here.