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Tourist apartments, boarding rooms and private rooms in Bohinj can all be viewed and booked online. Check for Slovenian Lake Bohinj accommodation today.
Private home accommodation in Slovenia is one of the options when asked where to stay in Slovenia. The other, cheaper one would hostels in Slovenia.
Holiday homes in Slovenia as your holiday destination give you a home away from home. Slovenian vacation rentals, whether a room, a family apartment, or an entire house. 
Find accommodation or housing for rent on island Krk, Croatia and enjoy your holiday in an apartment with sea view. We also offer luxury villas for rent.
Holiday rooms in Slovenia let you visit any spot in the country in only a few hours by car. Lake Bohinj apartments offer a lot for the hikers and nature enthusiasts. 
Holidays in Croatia - apartments by the seaside in Šilo on the island of Krk. Rent an apartment in luxury villas with pools and enjoy wonderful beaches of Croatia.
Holiday rentals from Bohinj tourism offer you superb hospitality. Come and refresh yourself in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Europe.
Luxury beach houses and apartments to rent on beautiful island Krk. Stay in a luxury apartments with sea view and beautiful Croatian villas with swimming pool.
Holidays in Croatia - luxury villas with pool on Krk beaches just a few steps from the beautiful and crystal clear Adriatic sea.
Bohinj apartments allow you easy access to Bohinj’s waterfall Slap Savica. It is one of Bohinj’s most popular tourist attractions and definitely worth a visit. 
Holiday houses for rent in Šilo on island Krk and choose one of the apartments with seaside view – overlooking a beautiful Adriatic sea.
Apartments for rent in luxury villas by the sea on island Krk, Croatia. Visit Krk beaches and enjoy the biggest Adriatic island throughout the year.
Bohinj accommodation consists of several tiers. You can choose to book a Slovenian apartment or even an entire holiday home in Slovenia. 
We offer luxury villas, stone houses and apartments for rent on island Krk in Croatia. Enjoy your holidays on the beautiful beaches of Krk.
Skiing accommodations in Slovenia are surrounded by breathtaking Alps. Going for ski holidays in Slovenia leaves an unforgettable impression.
Private holiday homes are one of the options you have when choosing a Lake Bohinj accommodation. Another would be to go camping near Lake Bohinj.