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Parquet flooring: Material,manufacturers, parquet flooring patterns
Best parquet flooring manufacturers and material. Parquet flooring patterns with style. Parquet flooring: How thick is a proper parquet? Ask the our experts.

Parquet wooden flooring and hardwood flooring parquet: differences
Parquet wooden flooring is the classic choice for any home, but the beautiful tones of our hardwood flooring parquet catch the eye and offer many advantages.

Cleaning laminate wood flooring naturally
Find out how to clean your laminate wood floor naturally and effectively, without the use of abrasive floor cleaning products.

Engineered hardwood flooring - what to consider
Engineered hardwood flooring is a cheaper and simpler alternative to solid hardwood flooring and no one will notice the difference!

Best tips on cleaning parquet flooring
From vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and polishing – find out what works best when cleaning your engineered wood floors and what are the common mistakes to ...

Solid oak parquet flooring and its advantages over any other kind ...
Oak wood parquet and solid wooden floors of the best quality are made where the wood is grown. At Alpod in Slovenia, we offer nothing but the best in wooden ... ...

Click laminate flooring installation is not complicated
Click lock laminate flooring is installed with floating method. Use of quality underlayment is recommended. Planks click together easily and effortlessly.

Laminate flooring brands produce best products for top results
Top laminate flooring brands use best quality materials for their products. For best appearance and long term durability, we advise professional installation.

Hand scraped laminate flooring – advantages of buying laminate ...
Hand scraped laminate flooring is long-lasting. Here are some advantages of buying wood laminate flooring or hardwood flooring.

Looking for modern parquet flooring
There are plenty of modern parquet flooring providers on the market today, but it’s important to choose one that offers quality at an affordable price.
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