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Parquet laminate flooring tiles – laminate or parquet?
Parquet laminate flooring tiles – is laminate as good as parquet? What is the difference and why choose one over the other? Read all about laminated parquet.

Wood laminate flooring – best place to buy top rated brands
Wood laminate flooring is offered in many brands. We are the best place to buy top rated flooring. It’s durability is long and laminate is very resistant.

What is a laminate floor? Laminate features and qualities
What is a laminate floor? Discover the features and qualities of floating wood tiles and why it is the most popular choice for homeowners across the globe.

Laminate floor tiles – bathroom flooring alternatives
Laminate flooring tiles – bathroom flooring favourite among new homeowners. A simple and durable alternative to regular ceramic flooring tiles that you will ... ...

Cleaning laminate wood flooring naturally
Find out how to clean your laminate wood floor naturally and effectively, without the use of abrasive floor cleaning products.

Best laminate floor installation tips
Floating laminate floor installation has been made much easier during the past few years. Find out how some of the most useful tips behind laminate flooring ... ...

Padding under laminate flooring - tips and tricks
It is advised that you install padding under laminate flooring. It will ensure better sound transmissions and thermal insulation and also protect it against ... ...

Water Resistant Laminate Flooring – a beginner’s guide
Water resistant laminate flooring has become a trendy kitchen flooring option. Discover its perks and find out what to consider before purchasing one yourself.

A look into installing laminate flooring underlay for laminate ...
Underlay for laminate flooring is perhaps the most important aspect of any flooring installation. It’s a spongy foam sheet that increases stability of your ...

Installing laminate flooring on concrete is an affordable ...
Installing laminate flooring on concrete and other surfaces requires some experiences. If you do not have them, get professionals to do the installation.
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