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Parquet wooden flooring and hardwood flooring parquet: differences
Parquet wooden flooring is the classic choice for any home, but the beautiful tones of our hardwood flooring parquet catch the eye and offer many advantages.

Parquet flooring: Material,manufacturers, parquet flooring patterns
Best parquet flooring manufacturers and material. Parquet flooring patterns with style. Parquet flooring: How thick is a proper parquet? Ask the our experts.

Caring for parquet wood flooring – How to clean it guide
How to caring for parquet wood flooring tiles is very important. The right care and frequent cleaning can enhance the longevity of hardwood floors. Read our ... ...

Parquet flooring designs are great to achieve contemporary look
Solid parquet flooring which our company sells is perfect for creating different contemporary and traditional designs like herringbone, brick, chevron.

Parquet flooring installation costs depend on many different ...
Parquet wood flooring installation can be quite costly. It is not complicated process but if you do not have any experiences, it is best to hire professionals

Parquet wooden flooring in different designs is a good investment
Parquet wooden flooring has advantages which make it very popular. Parquet in different designs does not require demanding treatments or complicated cleaning. ...

Looking for modern parquet flooring
There are plenty of modern parquet flooring providers on the market today, but it’s important to choose one that offers quality at an affordable price.

Parquet hardwood flooring is usually installed with gluing method
Installation of parquet hardwood and softwood flooring is a demanding job. Our pine flooring has great thickness. It has to be polished periodically.

How to install parquet wood flooring from start to finish
A thorough guide through the process of parquet wood installation, including tips on how to lay parquet flooring, types of parquet flooring and how to remove ...

Where to buy parquet flooring – A simple guide
Many customers are struggling to find the right option while looking for their next flooring. ‘Floor Experts’ offers an excellent quality to price ratio and a ...
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