Top knives from Ravne used also in MeWa shredders

Ravne systems is a company that produces high quality knives, which are also used in  MeWa shredders. This is the name that these specialized industrial blades are called due to the producing company’s name, Andritz MeWa GmbH from Germany. This entity operates a large recycling holding. The durable and sustainable Ravne knives are a perfect match for the MeWa shredders, due to their high quality and material hardness. What are the qualities that separate the MeWa shredders from the competition?

mewa shredders

  • Due to climate change, many businesses have recently switched to more sustainable practices. This holds true for different sectors. That is why recycling is popular. Yet, the MeWa shredders go back a long way, making Andritz a pioneer of the recycling industry. The company has always followed the technological advances to keep ahead of the competition. That is why the quality of the blades is so important.

  • No matter what you will hear or read, there is no better way to test the quality of the product, than actually putting it to work. The MeWa shredders have tried and tested the Ravne knives. The durability and longevity of the products is unmatched by the competition.

  • Price-quality match. Even if Ravne systems is the only knives producer in the world with the access to its own steel production line, the price for such exquisite quality is reasonable. One more reason for the MeWa shredders manufacturer to choose the best possibility available.

industrial blades

High quality industrial blades for use in recycling

As already stated, the industrial blades produced by Ravne systems are of  superior quality due to the actual production process. The industrial blades from Ravne build upon a centuries’ long tradition of steel making in the region. That is one of the reasons that the industrial blades are geared to deliver the best results for their clients’ needs. Their top qualities are:

  • Due to the high-quality material used for the industrial blades, together with innovative processing practices, the life cycle of the products is longer than that of the competitors. This happens due to fewer repairs and less downtime, making the blades operational on a more permanent basis.

  • Because Ravne systems is a manufacturing company with decades of experience, the industrial blades themselves have been adapted to operate in different machines and under various circumstances, such as different size and temperature, respectively. Only minor changes or adaptations are needed. This is important in today’s globalized and interconnected business environment.

  • Due to the premium quality of steel, the industrial blades of Ravne are hard and durable. The innovative production practices and advanced technologies have always been used in the Ravne steel production.

shredder blades

Shredder blades, like the scrap metal shear blade, available upon request

We have mentioned the rich tradition of the Ravne steelworks, which has led to the manufacture of products like shredder blades, of supreme quality. Only top-of-the-range steel can be used for demanding products like scrap metal shear blades, which have to be harder than the material being cut. The steel alloys from Ravne are guaranteed to cut through any recycled material and deliver the wanted results. The expertise gathered during decades of research and development is culminated in today’s offer. Not only do the experts deliver the solution for the clients’ needs around the world, but they closely follow their community of clients, providing advice, maintenance and upgrades. The knowledge pool of Ravne stretches over several industry sectors, allowing for synergies and mutual growth. Contact them for more information and profit from the targeted help for the problem where you’ve felt stuck.

scrap metal shear blade