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Hotel Kristal is a four-star family-run hotel in Slovenia, situated in the Gorenjska region. It is a popular tourist destination, as it offers a grand choice of sights and activities, like the only national park in Slovenia. This itself internationally renowned Slovenian hotel invites you to take advantage of its own offers, like its hotel gallery or in-house Ayurveda hospital and spa, with a wide variety of massages, therapies and exercise sessions, all under the careful instruction of trained Ayurveda specialists.

Holidays SloveniaHolidays in Slovenia - one day at the sea, the next on a snowy mountaintop

If you’re spending your holidays in Slovenia, one thing any hotel in Slovenia will definitely tell you is how much its country has to offer. Located between the Mediterranean sea, the Alps, the Karst Plateau and the Pannonian Basin, it seems like the world was shrunk into this small, twenty-one thousand square kilometer large area. No matter which hotel in Slovenia you’re staying in, you will need no more than three hours to reach any destination inside the country. Whether you wish to take a dip in the sea, want to spend a hiking vacation in the Julian Alps, like to go fly fishing in one of the many sweet-water lakes, or desire to find out the secrets the Karst caves hold, spending holidays in Slovenia allows you to do anything.

Triglav National park in Slovenia

Just on the edge of the border with Austria and Italy lies the Triglav National Park. Slovenia’s only national park is the pride of the country. It is named after the highest mountain of the Julian Alps (and the country), Mount Triglav, which also coincidentally lies almost in the exact middle of the park. The now almost eighty-four thousand hectare large national park in Slovenia officially came to be in the year 1961, and was expanded almost exactly twenty years later. As it is a national park one cannot expect to find any hotels. Slovenia in general does have quite a few fairly close by though, one of them of course Hotel Kristal as well.

If you decide to spend your holidays in Slovenia, and the idea of being as close to untouched nature as possible excites you, we encourage to visit one of the best hotels in Slovenia, Hotel Kristal.

Hotel Kristal | A hotel in Slovenia close to the Triglav National Park- links to our website:

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