Eco camping in Slovenia for the biggest nature lovers

Eco camping in Slovenia is a paradise for all the nature lovers who wish to experience the pristine and untouched natural beauties of the heart of the Europe. Eco camping in Slovenia is perfect with the combination of sightseeing in Soca river valley. They say that Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. When eco camping in Slovenia, it is very possible that you will discover one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen while sightseeing the stunningly beautiful Soca river valley. To be more mobile you can rent a bike in Kobarid as well. Thus you will see much more of the surroundings. Rent a bike in Kobarid is easy and a bargain. Kobarid is a very small town in the heart of Soca river valley. In our eco camp resort there are many eco camping sites, where you can enjoy. Here is a perfect spot to spend your camping holidays.

Eco camping Slovenia - KobaridEco camping Soca river valley

Eco camping in Slovenia where you are never bored

In addition there are plenty of outdoor family activities you can enjoy in. Every year in our camp there is something new we come up with, therefore, our visitors regularly return here to enjoy in the nature and to enjoy with their friends they met in their previous camping holidays in the camping site in Soca river valley.


Rent a bike in Kobarid and enjoy even more

If you decide to rent a bike in Kobarid, we will give you some good tips, where to go and see some of the most beautiful hidden spots our valley has to offer. In addition to eco camping in Slovenia renting a bike in Kobarid is a perfect combination for all those who love the nature a little bit of adventure doing outdoor family activities. Eco camping in Slovenia has never been better before Kamp Koren was established.

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Koren Kobarid Campsite
Koren Kobarid Campsite

Koren Kobarid Campsite is an ECO campsite located in the beautiful nature that offers a variety... More >

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